Cycle is focus on Repórter Diário

The Cycle School innovated once again and launched a benefits and discounts program for its educational community. The Cycle Rewards can bring a number of advantages to partners establishments. In article published by Repórter Diário the pioneering of bilingual school is highlighted, since the benefits program has been a success among member of the school […]

Cycle will realizes its 8th Midsummer

In this year the Cycle International School realizes its 8th edition of the Midsummer. The event will take place on June 23th from the 10am. The Midsummer are typical celebrations of brazilian culture. In this year the Cycle will bring a different theme to the party: afro-brazilian cultural manifestations. With a differentiated proposal, our Midsummer […]

Know the benefits of a bilingual school for childrens

We live in increasingly globalized world, where speaking a second language has gone from a great differential to a basic need that facilitates communication. The bilingual education for childrens has been growing in strides, but this has generated a many doubts. Have a contact with the second language during childhood can bring many benefits. Fluency […]

Cycle realizes the 8th Family Party

Events had various activities for the educational community In 2018 the Family Party arrived in its 8th edition. On Saturday, 14th, Cycle School held a biggest picnic with the presence of its educational community. The participants had a series of activities and games that were prepared to further unite our great Cycle family. In that […]

Cycle is featured in Diário do Grande ABC

  The partnership between Cycle International School and Google through Going Goole, a program that provides Google tools for education, gained prominence on Monday (26) in the newspaper edition of Dário do Grande ABC. In the publication, the pedagogical coordinator Adriana Fantini, tell that technology is a great ally, enhancing learning, without giving up the […]

How to properly feed in the summer

  Check the tips of Cycle nutritionist, Carla Caratin Summer is a of the hottest times of year. Keeping food heathy during hot days becomes critical to the well-being of childrens. During this time it is necessary to keep the body always hydrated. Consumption of water and other liquids is very important for health. The […]

Cycle School realized lecture about: “Terrible Two”

Cycle School realiza palestra sobre: “Terrible Two”

On Wednesday (21), Cycle International School realized lecture to clarify doubts about stage known as: terrible two or “adolescence of the babies”. Doctor Paula Magosso Cavaggioni was invited to give the lecture and to answer some questions from families of the K2 classes. Terrible Two is a stage also known “adolescence of the babies”, marked […]

Family feast

In May the Cycle held its now traditional Family Feast. The event brings together fathers, mothers, grandparents, relatives and friends of the students in a day of activities and interaction with the childrens. This year, participants had the opportunity to pratice play and recreational activities with the children which encourages and provides more integration and […]

Know the origin of the story of the witches and Halloween.

Maria Slemenson/ Educar para Crescer Even those who did not have a fenced tales of witchcraft child will know what to say is a witch. Probably describe as an old crone with a large wart on his nose, who has long and pointy hats, black clothes and flies on a magic broom. Do experiments in […]

Follow Cycle on Social Networks!

In addition to providing learning and interaction among childrens, the Cycle also enables parents and friends monitoring the actions and activities with the children during the class period. For this, we have pages on Facebook and Google+ that provide weekly pictures of the daily lives of children in our school and also information, tips and […]