Cycle firm partnership with Berlitz

Thinking about the well-being of its education community, Cycle International School has firm partnership with Berlitz language school. In an increasingly globalized world speaking English has become a prerequisite and can leverage careers.

With this partnership, parents can also learn or even improve their second language at a 10% discount. Berlitz has several learning programs.

Among them are:

·         Solo –individual classes for those who wish to immerse themselves in learning the second language.

·         Duo –classes in pair are great for conversation, being suitable for couples or co-workers traveling abroad.

·         Semi Private –classes with to three students scheduled.

·         Groups –here the focus is on the conversation and at scheduled times according to each class.

The Berlitz of the best recognized schools in the branch with a methodology that can boost learning and with more
than 138 years in the Market.

With the partner, parents of students earn a 10% discount on the English classes offered by the school. For more information about the partner, contact the secretary of Cycle International School.

Cycle Internacional School closes partnership with Berlitz

Cycle International School partners with Berlitz language school to improve parents and guardians. The educational community can now conduct 4 different courses geared to adults.

The partners is fundamental for non-bilingual parents with their childrens at home. Read de full article here.