What to take in consideration when choosing a private kindergarten?

The children education has been gaining strength in recent years. It is the basis of a good education. But, some parents may be in doubt when choosing a private kindergarten. What should be taken in consideration?

Although there is no ready income for the educational institution, parents and caregivers may follow some tips that may help in decision making. An important issue is to know the teaching methodology employed by the institution. It is fundamental to solidify the basis of children’s education. After all, it is during early childhood education that children learn to read and write.

The pedagogical proposal of a private nursery school directly influences how the child will develop his learning. Therefore, opt for an institution that follows the National Curricular Common Base, as it happens in Cycle International School.

The physical space should also be taken into account, since the children will spend much of the day in this environment. It must have all the necessary infrastructure for each age group that the educational institution attends.

Vocational training of educators should also be taken into account. Teachers and auxiliaries play a fundamental role in the training of children. Find out if the teaching staff undergoes continuous improvement or retraining courses.

Know the differentials of our private kindergarten:

Cycle International School has a differentiated education methodology focused on learning from experience. In our children’s school students are protagonists of their learning. In this way, teachers and helpers help the little ones to make new discoveries.

Bilingual education is one of the great differentials of our educational institution. Here the children have contact with the second language from nursery to elementary school. The second language is acquired in a natural way through games, games and everyday situations.

Naturalness in learning a second language makes our private elementary school advantageous for parents and caregivers who want to offer bilingual education to their children.

Our professionals are trained and constantly go through improvement courses to make learning even more interesting for students.

The private nursery school has open enrollment for the 2019 classes, schedule a visit and learn more about our teaching methodology!

Know the benefits of a bilingual school for childrens

We live in increasingly globalized world, where speaking a second language has gone from a great differential to a basic need that facilitates communication. The bilingual education for childrens has been growing in strides, but this has generated a many doubts.

Have a contact with the second language during childhood can bring many benefits. Fluency is what catches the attention of parentes who are looking for this type of teaching. At Cycle International School happens naturally in everyday situations.

Becoming a bilingual during childhood is very advantageous in both professional life and educational life. A fluente student can have access to research and content produced in others countries, which enriches his learning and increases cultural level.

Benefits of a bilingual school:

No have doubts what the fluency is a of the main benefits of enrolling a child in a bilingual school. But this teaching is not juste ase of communication. According to a study carried out by the University of Granada is Spain, bilingual students have a greater attention during the classes, besides being able to retain more knowledge.

The beneifts of a bilingual school is the fluency that can often be identical yo that natives. During childhood the muscles responsible for speech are in formation, bilingual childrens in many cases presente fluency identical to the natives.

At bilngual Cycle International School childrens learn english in a natural way and only speak the second language when they feel comfortable. Activities and playful games are used by our teachers to present the second languge.

Schedule a visit and come know our methodology of differentiated teaching focused on learnig from experience!