Cycle is featured in Diário do Grande ABC

  The partnership between Cycle International School and Google through Going Goole, a program that provides Google tools for education, gained prominence on Monday (26) in the newspaper edition of Dário do Grande ABC. In the publication, the pedagogical coordinator Adriana Fantini, tell that technology is a great ally, enhancing learning, without giving up the […]

Cycle and Uno Project firm partnership

In an increasingly digital and connected world making the classroom more attractive to children is a challenge. To enhance learning Cycle School has firm partnership with the UNO Internarional Project with the aim of providing even more learning experiences for its students. The UNO International Project modernizes learning with the aid of digital didactic materials, […]

Cycle firm partnership with Berlitz

Thinking about the well-being of its education community, Cycle International School has firm partnership with Berlitz language school. In an increasingly globalized world speaking English has become a prerequisite and can leverage careers. With this partnership, parents can also learn or even improve their second language at a 10% discount. Berlitz has several learning programs. […]

Cycle Internacional School closes partnership with Berlitz

Cycle International School partners with Berlitz language school to improve parents and guardians. The educational community can now conduct 4 different courses geared to adults. The partners is fundamental for non-bilingual parents with their childrens at home. Read de full article here.