Bilingual education and the empowerment of childhood

We live in an increasingly globalized society and speaking a second language is essential, as well as helping children learn. The Cycle International School is a school where the second language is presented to children from nursery to elementary school.

Learning a second language during childhood helps children in a variety of ways, such as memorization. Experts in childhood education say that learning a second language enriches learning and facilitates teaching English.

During childhood the childrens can learn a greater range of words from a second language, besides acquiring in some cases pronunces identical to the natives.

In a Cycle the childs have the contact with English from the nursery. They first begin to listen and then move on to the second stage, speech. “English is able to work better on childrens understanding. So they better understand the world around them”, tell Susane Pereira, the blilingual teacher of Cycle.

The contact with as second language during childhood has benefits that expand the school barriers. Security and confidence are characteristics that can be seen in people who have the knowledge of one more language. Cycle International School is bilingual education is also able to further enrich childrens and culture by presenting a world of possibilities and virtually bordeless.

Know the advantages of enrolling a child in bilingual school:

·         Fractional investment – English schools in some cases can be very costly in the investment period is taken into account. In a childrens school like Cycle the childs grow up in a bilingual ambience.

·         Improves the logical part – according to research, the small that have contact with the second language have an accelerated logical thinking and are easier for calculations.

·         Proactive – speakers of a second language have common characteristics, such as proactivity and decision making. People with these characteristics can make decisions faster.

·         Improves learning – children studying in bilingual schools such as Cycle International School are able to retain learning more easily. Their brains are stimulated more easily and so retain knowledge better.

·         Works memory and attention – to learn a second language the childs should be attentive to the correct pronuncation of words and this stimulates the hippocampus linked to memory memory and attention.

The Cycle has a differentiated methodology focused on learning by experience. To further enhance teaching, a partership was signed with Uno International, so the children can learn in a fun and different way, with the help of digital didactic materials.

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