Cidade da Criança is leisure option in ABC

The classic park Cidade da Criança founded in 1968, underwent to reforms and is a excellent option to leisure residents of the ABC region. Located in São Bernardo do Campo, Cidade da Criança has a new attractions for all ages.

Even with the reforms for reopening, the administration has not forgot the past. Some classics attractions from 1970 decade continue work. Among them are the Xícara Maluca, Cable Car and the famous Submarine. Visitors to the park can now also have more contact with nature, and enjoy the attractions for the whole family, thanks to the replanning of the place.

The thematic park was a the first to inaugurated in Brazil while remaining in the memories of the Paulistas. Now it can also be part of the childhood of the childs, to attract the new audience the administration invested in toys, among them is a 4D cinema, where the spectators can take a trip to the human body. A great leisure to enjoy weekend!

Cidade da Criança

Address: Tasman st, 301 – Jardim do Mar – São Bernardo do Campo-SP

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday – 9am to 5pm

The ticktes can be purchased directly at the park or to the website.

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