Cycle creates commission of parents and guardians

The Cycle International School has always encouraged the active participation of its educational community. In this year, to strengthen this ribbon, the school is forming a comission of parents and guardians.

The objective of this initiative is to provide na even more active participation in the planning and organization of events developed by school, such as the Family Party and the Midsummer.

The committee will have a representative from each Cycle, as well as reprentatives from Cycle School. Those chosen will be responsible for helping in the selection of places for events and their organization, as well as attending scheduled meetings with the team created to discuss the proposals.

The formation of the commission is divided into three stages:

1.       Registration until 23th March and disclosure of enrolled

2.       Voting to choose class representatives

3.       Disclosure of results on 31th March

In cases of a tie, the family that is the longest time in school will be chosen as the class representative. Enjoy and join part of this committee.

Entries are open and can be made through the email sent by coordinator. If you have not received, contact us, by the school secretary.

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