Cycle direction participates in UNO International reunion

Uno Educacional

Durint the 10th and 13th of August was held the meeting of coordinators and directors that are parto f the UNO Education project. The Event Directors International was held in Santiago in the Chile, with the presence of Brazilian and Colombian schools. The maintainer of Cycle, Camila Nascimento Siqueira and coordinator of school,
Marisangela Santos, represented the school at meeting.

During the meeting the participants were invited to think about school of the future, “The meeting made us think about what our values and purposes would be as an educational institution”, tell Marisangela Santos, coordinator at Cycle.

The experiences provided by the event are fundamental to furthermore improve the teaching of kindergarten. “The meeting also led us to think about strategies to spread the differentials that Cycle has”, says the coordinator.

UNO Education project was implemented at the beginning of the school year. Now the childs have a digital didactic material, that make the classes more attractive and interactive. In partnership with UNO International, students at
Cycle International School can also hold videoconferences with partner schools, broadening the worlds knowledge of the childrens.

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