Cycle participates in event promoted by Uno International

The Cycle International School has partnered with the Uno International project for the modernization of teaching methodology. The benefits of this partnership are already being enjoyed by educational community. From March 31th to April 3rd an event was held in Costa do Sauípe to discuss the time in school and members of Cycle participated.

The event Netrwork Station I event had several spaces designed for guests experiments. One of the main themes debated were: idleness and how it can be used positively in schools.

“The event was fundamental to make a reflection on time. Every student here at Cycle has a different rhythm of
learning and he must respect it to boost teaching”, tell Camila Siqueira, maintainer of Cycle International School.

Experiences provided are essential to further improve teaching at bilingual school in Santo André. “The event was enriching and the ambience allowed us to reflect on creativity, the time that children spend in school and how to use it in the best possible way to enhance learning”, tell Marisangela Santos educational coordinator at Cycle.

Proejct Uno has already been implemented in the school and now the childs have digital didactic material and interactive classes that help the learning. The event was only one of the benefits that partner schools have with the Uno International project.

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