Cycle realize delivery of powdered milk for social action

Cycle International School held this year it’’s first campaign to collect powdered milk. The action was carried out to benefit Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues, located in the city of Santo André. Throught the month of June parents and guardians had the opportunity to contribute donations directly to the school.

The collection can 79 of bucket of Nestle milk that were delivered on July 5th. Founded in 1992 Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues serves 219 childrens aged 3 months to 10 years, who are assisted part-time or full-fime.

By day, the childs ones served by the organization consume about a liter of milk. Members of the institution said the donation by Cycle International School will feed the childrens for about a week and a half.

Parents and legal guardians can continue to help the Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues with donation of powdered milk and warm clothes that can be taken directly to the organization located at Silveiras street, 17 – Guimar Village, Santo André.

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