Five tips for healthy eating

The stop in the studies is necessary for the rest os the childs, in that period they can take better advantage of the time with their relatives and to spend much energy. The industrialized foods and treats are easy to costume during the tours. Parents and guardians should balance the meals of the childrens during the vacation period so as not harm the healthy habits that are acquired at Cycle International School.

The kindergarten has a balanced diet and constant monitoring of a nutritionist. On vacation parents can also maintain healthy eating for their children.

Check the five tips for maintaining healthy eating:

1.       Forbid is not the solution – during vacations the childs can consume sweets, but not in excesso.
Consumption should occur at meal intervals.

2.       Reorganization of schedules – At home childrens often have different schedules than those stipulated by the school. Waking up a bit later is one of the habits acquired on vacation, but parents should not make lunch the first meal, the times can be modified.

3.       Attention with breakfast – a most important meals of the day ensures energy for the tasks to be performed. Processed and inlaid foods can be set aside. Alaways give preference to light foods such as whole grain breads and white cheese.

4.       Feeding during tours – in the vacation the parents wants to take the childs to know better the city. It’s advisable in some cases to take quick snacks to “cheat” the hunger until the time of next meal.

5.       Fruits consumption – rich in nutrients they are essential for the healthy development of childrens. They can be eaten between meals.

Following the tips it is possible to keep feeding the childs even during the holiday period. It is worth noting that healthy habits can also be stimulated at home, even outside the school vancations period.

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