Frida e Eu: interactive exhibition for childs

The city of São Paulo has numerous cultural tours for the whole family and hihlights is the “Frida e Eu” exhibition. In it the childs will have a chanceto know a more about the history of the Mexicain painter, Frida Kahlo. Designed especially for childrens, the exhibiton has already passed through France, Mexico and now it is the turn of São Paulo.

“Frida e Eu” is not na exhbition with personal collections of the painter but an interactive experience of immersion in the universe of this famous Mexican. Frida Kahlo became world-renowned for her colorful paintings with a unique touch. The exhbition is divided into six different ambiences:

▪     Frida and Self-portrait – here the childs can create their own version of the famous “Blue House” where Frida Kahlo lived.

▪     Frida and Family– Space dedicated for childrens play and get to know the painter’s family tree. In this ambience the childs put pictures of relatives of Frida and identify them.

▪     Frida and the Pain– with 18 years old the painter suffered a serious accident that left her unable walk, being of the most sticking fact of her life. During this period the artist painted her first picture with the aid of an adapted easel. To set the life span, the exhbition room has uncomfortable chairs to simulate what Frida Kahlo was living. This part of the exhbition is intended to discuss the pain and obstacles that life can present to the childs.

▪     Frida and the Nature– the artist lived surrounded by nature. In this environment the childs can identify animals therough sound reproduction. The children also have an interactive game with thematic nature.

▪     Frida and Diego– the big love of Frida was Diego Riviera a great Mexican plastic artists. Here the childrens are invited to know better the physical differences between Frida and Diego.

The interactive exhbition “Frida e Eu” is on the Unibes Cultural space until June 30th and is recommended for childrens from 4 years old.

Frida e Eu exhbition

Unibes Cultural – Oscar Freire, st – N° 2500 – Pinheiros – São Paulo

Tickets: R$ 30,00 (entire) and R$ 15,00 (half)

Schedule: 10h30am to 7h30pm

Is on until the day: 06/30/2017

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