Games can help in the development of childrens

Childhood is a the most important phases of our lives, a time of discovery and a lot of fun. Playing is fundamental to child psychomotor development. Some games are now being replaced by digital games, but such a trade is not always beneficial to children.

Playing in freedom did the child of familiarize of way more fast with the world that around us. The benefits of games is very much. Between relations of child obesity can evitated when the childs moving during the activities and games.

The playful activites can realizes with the family for strenghten the brotherhood. Separated some games can organizes into or out house.

·         Ciranda: a classic game, but can develop the creativty the childs. Easier execution, ciranda can play in the house or apartment, for this the childres must realizes a cycle and sing the verses of famous song.

·         Blind man’s buff: this game can realizes of simple way. For this enough bandage the eyes of one player what try find the others. With the bandage eyes, the childs can stimulate the others senses to try find the friends, between the smell and audition, for example.

·         Hide-and-seek: the most popular game of Brazil and simple to play. One player close eyes, count to ten while the others hides. Hide-and-seek help to develop the motor coordination of childrens.

·         Hopscotch: drawing the hopscotch on the ground can stimulate the creativity of the childs. The numbers used in the game can be changed by letters, for example. Balance and spatial notion are also worked on during play.

·         Soap bubble: the childrens will be delighted with the bubbles formed during the game. Simple to be carried out and guaranteeing a lot of fun soap bubbles can develop creativity.

Some of these games can be done with the help of the country and the people in charge. Playing is one of the educational pillars here at Cycle. Playfulness is present at various times and can facilitate the learning of childrens. Allied with the musicalization of childrens, play enhances learning, making it also more natural for the childs.

Cycle International School also has extra curricular classes for development psychomotor of childrens, for example, ballet, judô, circus arts, tennis, musicalization anf theater. To know more about the kindergarten schedule a visit.

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