How is the technology in the classroom changing schools

The childs life in classroom is fundamental to their growth and formation. The advandement of technology, new methods of teaching are being devised for students, with a view to capturing the attention of childrens.

Despite being a new teaching method, childrens are already familiar with the use a technology, since the current generation was born connected to the virtual world, which facilitates the implementation of virtual classes.

With technology in the classroom, the tendency is to improve the performance of each child, because with it teachers can follow the evolution in learning and in the development of each child individually. Facilitating so that the main difficulties that each child faces in their learning are noticed, being able to create several methods so that these difficulties are corrected in time. “Today kids have a lot of ease to use technology and that’s part of the school ambience. They can use this tool for learning”, tell Jacqueline Magalhães.

By integrating technology into classrooms teachers are also able to encourage children to increase their creativity as it can be a source of inspiration fo the children. Another important point is that with technology its is possible to expand the limits of knowledge, since with the internet it is possible to have a world of information in moments.

“The Cycle incorporates technology as a strategy for empowering childrens learning. Some aspects can be worked on when kids use a laptops, tablets and smartphones to do research. At that moment they can analyze     data and even stimulate their thinking during the research”, tell pedagogical advisor of Cycle, Jacqueline Magalhães.

But while being a great tool for learning, technology must also be used wisely for a function. Since it is still important for the children to interact with each other, the teacher accompanies the student in his social life and also knows about the world having direct contact with him. The Cycle International School, a bilingual school located in Santo André, focuses on these two premises, using technology and showing the world through activities that stimulate childrens.

The Cycle has a main characteristic bilingual teaching that aims to know a new language, making the child easier to master, but not forcing the childrens, making learning the second natural language, as it is being of the mother language.

And to further enhance its goal Cycle uses a variety of teaching methods, one of them is Going Google, a tool that enables childrens to get to know the world within the classroom through the tools of the North American company. But despite this, Cycle focuses not only on technology. The great difference of Cycle is to make the children experience the moment, that they learn through experiences where it makes the children potentiate their imagination.

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