Instituição Amélia Rodrigues thanks milk donation

During the month of June, Cycle International School carried out its first campaign to collect milk powder. The purpose of the action was to assist Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues, located on Vila Guiomar, in Santo André.

The action involved the educationa community of Cycle who carried out the donation Ninho milk powder directly at the school. The social action managed to collect 79 cans that were delivered to the charity by Cycle.

Founded in 1992 the Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues serves more than 200 childrens in the region who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

The childs assisted by the institution consume approximately one liter of milk per day. Parents and legal guardians can continue help the institution through donations made directly on the local.

On a sign of thanks for the action taken by the educational community of Cycle, the Instituição Beneficente Amélia Rodrigues sent a letter of thanks to school. Click here to ckeck.

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