Know the 5 benefits of bilingualism for childrens

The biligualism in the childhood can bring various benefits for childrens, the main one of which is related to pronunciation and fluency. At Cycle International School students learn the second language in a natural and playful way.

Further to the benefit directly related to communication, bilingualism has several advantages for children. We prepared a list with five of them:

1.       Increased metalinguistic ability – Learning a second language develops various cognitive abilities. Thus, childs can perceive grammatical and sentence errors more quicky. Bilingual students also have more attention.

2.       Cultural access – Bilingual students also have contact with the culture of countries speaking english. Access to different cultures is enriching for learning and all the life.

3.       Improves the communication – Childrens who have contact with a second language during childhood can express their ideas more clearly.

4.       Improves pronunciation – The facial muscles responsible for speech develop during childhood. Therefore, childrens learning english have better pronunciation of words. Fluency is also perceived in bilingual students.

5.       Better opportunities – Bilingual students may have several job opportunities in the future, mainly because they have a knowledge that is nowdays indispensable for several areas of activity.

The Cycle International School is a private school in Santo André. In it the students have contact with the second language from the first years of life. With the differentiated methodology, the bilingual school is focused on learning from experience.

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