Know the benefits of judo for childrens

Child sedentatism has worried experts around the country, as it can bring several harms to the childrens. The sport practice during childhood contributes to the motor development of the young. At Cycle International School, further to physical education classes, students also have some sports in their extracurricular classes. Judo is the one.

The japanese martial art was created in 1882 and its main precept is to use the strength of his opponent against himself. Judo is free translation means “soft way” martial art is based on respect and discipline being recommend for children from two years old.

One on the main benefits of judo is related to the discipline employed during the performance of the sport. The judokas must first learn to respect the rules. Moral concepts that are lifelong are also learned during martial art, such as humility, perseverance, cooperation, respect and composure.

Judo classes at bilingual school Cycle also bring physical benefits to children, such as flexibility and improvements in motor coordination. The speed of the sport also helps in stimulating the tactical thinking of students, causing them to take mea sures faster in certain situations.

The physical activities are part of the curriculum of the kindergarten where childs can learn various sports besides judo. Tennis, soccer and circus classes are offered by the school. Learn more about teaching methodology by scheduling a visit to Cycle International School.

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