Why enroll your son or daughter at Cycle School?

Learning a second language can be considered an arduous task for some peoples. But, this is a necessary skill in an increasingly world. The Cycle International School is a kindergarten focused on bilingual education in a natural form and playful.

In a enriching ambience such as Cycle School, the english language is a daily part of the students. Here each class counts on a teacher and assistant, both bilinguals, fundamental for the learning of the kids.

During the childhood, students are able to develop fluency and the second language in a natural way. The facial muscles responsible for speech can develop during this period, allowing a bilingual student to have a more natural pronunciation, similar to that of native speakers.

At Cycle School, students have contact with the second language from nursery to elementary. The natural and playful in which students perform their daily activities is a of the main precepts of the school. Here, students only begin to speak English when they feel comfortable.

What are differentials of Cycle to whom bilingual education?

Furthermore to bilingualism, Cycle has a differentiated teaching methodology focused on learning from experience. This manery, students becomes the protagonist within our classrooms.

At Cycle, the students find a differentiated and speacilly designed ambience for each of the age groups that the kindergarten teaches. The private school also has extracurricular classes in theater, music, tennis, circus arts, judo, soccer and ballet.

It is worth remembering that the faculty of the private school made up of experienced professional with total fluency in the second langauge. If you have been curious and want to kow up close the structure and methodology of Cycle International School, you can schedule a visit.

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