Know the pedagogical proposal of Cycle International School

In an increasingly globalized society speaking a second language is fundamental and can expand access to knowledge. Cycle International School is a kindergarten focused on biligualism. Your students are able to learn english in a natural and playful.

In ambience of school the english language is used to enhance learning and its acquisition happens in a similar way to the principal language. Cycle students have the first contact with english already in the nursery with stories and songs.

During childhood, childrens who have contact with the second langauge can learn a greater range of words. The facial muscles responsible for speech can develop better during childhood, directly influencing the pronunciation of words.

In the kindergarten are not forced to speak english, childrens begin pronounce phrases and words only when they feel safe. All classes at Cycle International School have teachers and bilingual class assistants, they are a e key part of learning the second language.

How get influency in the second lanaguge?

In our pedagogical proposal the second language is present is all kindergarten. All bilingual school classes have educational professionals who speak only the second language. National roots are not left out at Cycle School. In this way childs learn simultaneously the portuguese. The K5 classes and first year of elementary school have classes focused on our principal language.

Furthermore that the faculty of Cycle International School is formed by professionals with experience in childrens education and fluency in the second language. Diverse profiles form the school educational team, where diversity and respect are taken into account.

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