Know the six benefits of musicalization for childrens

The music is part of our daily . Ever imagined the great classics of cinema without their soundtracks? Musicalization plays a fundamental in the development of childrens in childhood, it brings closer together and also helps in literacy.

In the Cycle International School the musici is part of the curriculum, classes are taught by teacher Junior Cunha specializing in childrens musicalization.

Know the six main benefits Cycle musicalization brings to your students:

1.       Develop language: by listening and singing a song, children keep sentences and new words in their heads. During the literacy phase this discipline helps the formation of vocabulary and also improves the diction of words. Musicalization also contributes to the learning of the second language, which can be presented in song forms and rhymes.

2.       Improve body expression: when listening to a song it is normal for our body to be stimulated to follow this rhythm, be it clapping or even dancing. Musicalization can make childrens more opens to express their feelings when
they reach adulthood.

3.       Helps concetration and focus: to sing in a group or even play instruments is necessary to pay attention to the rhythm and melody of the song.

4.       Facilitates the learning of mathematics: music is directly linked to mathematics. It seems unusual at first, but the timing is present in music, as well as logical resoning.

5.       Contribute to memory: According to a survey conducted by the University of Northwestern in USA, elements such as timbre, tone and time, present in music help memorize childrens.

Creativity: when they come into a contact with music, the childs are invited to create songs and new rhymes that are sing in the classroom.

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