Museums have a programming for childrens

Wander with childrens is always a unique and very pleasant moment. At the city of São Paulo has several cultural centers and museums, some of them with special programming directed to the childrens.

Furthermore to being stimulating for childrens and adults, visiting museums is a way to introduce to childs gradually into the universe of arts, stories and culture. Wander with childrens in a museum can yield great moments of relexation and new discoveries.

Before taking the children to an exhibition it’s necessary to talk first about what they can see in that ambience. If there is no interest parents can think of another type of tour.

During a visit to a museum, leave the child free to enjoy a work of art that you have enjoyed. Parents can instigate
the curiosity of the childs by asking questions about paintings and other works of art.

Know some museums that have special programs for childrens:

•        Museu Catavento– the educational and interactive space has its own collection and play activities for all ages. The childs can enchanted with a special space: the butterfly. The museum also has accessible entrances for wheelchairs and strollers.

•        Casa das Rosas– located in the heart of Paulista Avenue the museum is a of the best known when it comes to poetry and literature. To attract the attention of the childs the museum counts on special programming that happens once a month. The project “Faz do colo uma casa” is held on Sundays and explores all “Casa das Rosas” ambience in a playful way.

•        Pinacoteca de São Paulo– a of the most traditional museums in the city has the “PinaFamília” project, with the intention of encouraging the visit of families to the musuem through play activities and monitored visits.

•        Museu do Futebol– the entire museum dedicated to one of the most popular sports of Brazil. The site counts on visits monitored for the child.

Take the child ono to known and appreciate works of art and always remember to respect their rhythm by always stopping in those pictures that hold the attention of the child.

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