Nursery is the first contact of babies with kindergarten

The nursery is the gatewayof babies for child education. It’s the best option for early education, empowering development at this important stage in the childs life, and of course enabling parents to return to their activities after the leave period.

At this stage, the nursery is very important in education. In it children can develop their emotions, cognitive and motor skills.

The nursery of Cycle School in Santo André has the infrastructure to take care of the children in a correct and caring way. Babies are followe closely by specialized caregivers. Furthermore, the childs have cribs, walkers and all educational materials necessary for the education this age group.

In nursery childrens are stimulated by playful play, which is of paramount importance for the overall development of children. During the firsts stages of nursery education, the childs can better understand the world around them and acquire psychomotor and social skills.

The teachers can also stimulate their early like reading. That’s why stories are told daily to the childs. Books are also offered for the childs according to each age group in our nursery in Santo André.
In a comfortable ambience like this, childrens feel safe and can learn more easily through activities that stimulate their cognitive system. Play in this age group is essential for the motor, social and even affective development of these childrens.

Schedule your visit by the phone (11) 4436-9695 and know about the facilities and all the methodology of the nursery that Cycle offer to provide the best education and learn to the childs!

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