Plaiyng is fundamental for the development

Games is something common in childrens live. So much, that, we often wonder how they can be so willing to perform various activities in a short period of time.

Further from being something that brings fun and entertainment to the childs, the games a key role in the growth and learning of children, which sometimes you even imagine.

The games experienced for the childrens interfere directly in a development. These playful exercises yield great discoveries for the childs, in addition to generating new knowledge and skills that gradually improve. It’s the best all this is pleasurable and healthy for childrens.

Playing is still of great importance for health and learning in chilhood. Through the activities the chindrens develop physical aspects, since many games require moviment. They also encourage creativity. With toys or the simplest objects childrens create numerous possibilities.

Emotional and social aspects are also developed through play. In most of them, childnres interact with others, creating empathy with their fun buddies and learning to relate in a pleasant way. “The playing let children keep your body active. Play is a form of communication for kids”, comments Jacqueline.

In childhood education, encouraging playfulness i salso very important. Finally, the school environment is appropriate for the development of group activities that stimulate all these issues.

At Cycle International School, is the first bilingual kindergarten in a ABC, childrens have the opportunity to learn and develop by plaiyng in a playful way. For this, the school has several toys, suitable for each age group, as well as objects that help stimulate the students creativity, always aiming for the children to assimilate the proposed knowledge.

Besides the structure, the kindergarten carries out activities that stimulate creativity and awareness through play. Often the day of the toy, which is held at school, encourages students to make their creation with recycable objects or that are no longer used by families every day.

In kindergarten, the role educators is also essential. They are the gauge between the childrens and the games. The teachers of Cycle are able to measure the games with learning, being able to notice aspects that each games gives rise to the development of the childs.

The pedagogical proposal of Cycle aims to encourage plays, with the certain idea of ensuring the full growth of childrens. To this, various types of games are proposed that make each child develop his individual growth and also help in the group development of all classmates.

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