Sesc Santana prepares special programming for childrens

The month of school vacation has arrived and Sesc Santana, located in the city of São Paulo, has prepared a special program aimed at childrens from 1 to 16 years old. Under the name “Nas Férias”, the program has free admission to selected activities for childrens, ranging from theater to dance performances.

The infrastructure was thought of in the childs and counts on childrens toilets, ramps of accessibility and even a baby changing room. The unit of Sesc Santana also acounts with “Espaço Brincar”. In this place the families find playful and interactive toys, being ideal for socialization of the childrens.

Know the program “Nas Férias” by Sesc Santana:

 Fósforo, Nuvens e Passarinhos – The group Teatro Travessia realizes the adaptation of two stories for the childrens universe. The show have duration 80 minutes.
Date: 16/07 at 2:30pm

Manual arts:
 Traquinartes – In a playful ambience, the childs find play, games and even space for reading.
Date: Every day, to 30/07 at 3:30pm

 Kiriku – Os Homens e as Mulheres: story of little hero Kiriku who saves his village from great dangers.

 Brincadeiras dançadas, danças brincadas: the group Manuí invites childrens to play with play dances.
Date: Every day, to 30/07 at 3:30pm

All the program “Nas Férias” is free and without reservation. Enjoy the days off with your childs at Sesc Santana.

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