How to properly feed in the summer

  Check the tips of Cycle nutritionist, Carla Caratin Summer is a of the hottest times of year. Keeping food heathy during hot days becomes critical to the well-being of childrens. During this time it is necessary to keep the body always hydrated. Consumption of water and other liquids is very important for health. The […]

How to keep healthy feeding during school holidays?

The childhood obesity is a worrisome factor for parents. Thinking about the quality of life on the childs, Cycle count with a balanced diet and gives preference to organic foods. But a question arises now at the vacations and holidays: how to keep healthy feeding? The Cycle nutritionist, Carla Caratin gives some tips for parents […]

Choice of menu is essential for childrens feeding

The heathy eating is fundamental to ensuring the adequate growth of school-age childrens. Thinking about the development and well-being of the childrens, Cycle International School has a menu prepared by nutritionist. At school, students count on meals made with rich nutrients, organic foods essential for proper health. At the time of eating the children are […]

Five tips for healthy eating

The stop in the studies is necessary for the rest os the childs, in that period they can take better advantage of the time with their relatives and to spend much energy. The industrialized foods and treats are easy to costume during the tours. Parents and guardians should balance the meals of the childrens during […]