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Escola Infantil Bilíngue Santo André

In a increasingly world globalized speaking the second language is a differential in a job market.  Parents and legal guardians may have a number of doubts when looking for a bilingual kindergarten. Learning second langauge brings a number of benefits for children, including improving  memory and developing childrens vocabulary.

The Cycle International School sepatated the most common doubts when it comes to bilingual learning in
childhood education.

What’s the best age for childrens to learn a second language?
For specialists don’t have a limit age for learning a second language. But the earlier the children have contact with another language, the more natural their learning will be. During early childhood the facial muscles are in development, so the pronunciation and fluency is similar of that of natives.

Leaning a second language does not confuse the childrens?
In the beggining of learning is common the childs change letters, to mix both monolingual and bilingual teaching and is part of the educational process. The grammatical mistakes made tend not to increase as the child becomes more familiar with the language. Here at kindergarten bilingual Cycle International School, childs learn english fron nursery, but only speak the second language when they feel comfortable and safe.

Monoglot parents can enroll their childrens in a bilingual kindergarten?
Yes. That is a very common question. Parents and all the more bought, but who are not able to extend the learning, since at home they will not have with whom to practice the second language. But this statement is not true. Monoglot parents can enroll their childrens in a bilingual kindergarten without fear.

Parents and legal guardians with biligual kids may have more contact with the second language. These families can practice the second language at home if different ways, such as watching cartoons, series or TV shows in english lanaguage. With the advancement of technology it’s also possible that the childs can have contact with native speakers in that language as the aid of applications and with supervision of their parents.

How is the literacy?
The Cycle International School is a bilingual kindergarten where childs are literate both in portuguese and english.

The native language is not left out and the childrens are invited to know better and more about their Brazilian language and culture.

What is the difference between a bilingual school and language courses?
The differences between bilingual education and a traditional language institution are significant. During childhood education the childrens are constantly exposed to the second language, practing it more naturally during classes and even in the hallways of the school. Already in a language school kids, youngers and adults simulate everyday situations inside classrooms.

In a bilingual kindergarten, the childs can learn the second language in a more natural and playful way.

How to choose a bilingual kindergarten?
With globalization, the number of bilingual kindergartens increased in our coutry. But to choose it’s necessary to take into account many aspects. Always try to know what the teaching methodology used by the kindergarten, the infrastructure must also be taken into account when choosing.

The Cycle International Schoolhas a differentiated methodology of teaching focused on learning from experience in bilingual kindergarten the specifics of each student are also taken into account, the childs also have ambiences planned for age group.

Aiming the better improve teaching, Cycle International School has partnered with Uno Educação. This way, their students have fully digital didacti material, interactive classes with iPads and even videoconferencing with partner schools.

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