Technology helps in the literacy process

Technology is part of our daily leves. Childs already grow up in ambiences with access to tablets and smartphones, devices that they handle with incredible ease. Because of the evolution of technology, school are adapting to this new reality. For this they are bringing technology into classrooms. At Cycle International School, childrens already have digital ambiences and use tablets to boost learning in some activities.

Used rightly, new technologies help much of the childs. With tablets in hand it is possible to visit museums and conduct research in a simple and very fast.

Thinking about the elemenatary students, the school estabished a partnership with Rede Uno Educação. Now the childs have digital material and even more dynamic classes.

The access new technologies can bring countless benefits to childs when well used. With the use of technology, children have access to several sources of research that can further enrich learning.

In this ambience the teacher assumes the role of mediator, guiding the students and helping them to filter the best sources of knowledge. The Projeto Uno Educação used by the bilingual school also allows the exchange of knowledge among groups of students from the countries.

With the use of new in-room technology the childs can produce diverse digital contents. Such as vídeos, photo albums and texts. Using the methods, it is possible for these contents to be developed collaboratively, such as group
text or even a photo gallery.

With this, the use of technology in the classes allows the empowerment of literacy, as well as enrich the learning of the children.

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