The challenges of teaching Math for childrens

Math is a subject that can cause fear in some students, but which is fundamental to the academic life of the childs. It permeates everything around us and is actively part of new lives. So it must be taught from an early age. In childrens instruction, children can learn basic concepts that guide math. But how to makes this subject more
interesting for students?

The Cycle has diffetentiated teaching focused on learning from experience. Thus, math is worked in a playful way, with the help of games that manage to present math concepts and logic in a natural and very fun way.

Games, stories can introduce the subject to the students daily life, creating the first step to understand this language. In activities involving play the child can use math precepts to measure distance traveled, as well as acquire spatial concepts such as, below, above, inside and outside, for example.

Math for childrens can be taught as an instrument to better understand the world around the childs, forming students more conscious and prepared to face the challenges of adult life. “In childhood education one of the main goals of math is the construction of the concept of notion os space and form” says Adriana Fantini, coordinator at Cycle International School.

It’s during childhood education that the child creates the math pillars that will be central to his or her academic life. So this matter is of the utmost importance to the childs.

The teachers is attentive to the specificities of each student, helping to better understand the subject and exercising the capacity for logical reasoning. “Here at the school we work a lot with problem situations, play activities and games, where the childs develop the logical reasoning.” Comments the coordinator.

Some basic notions of math, such as logic and geometry, can be presented to childrens aged 4 and 5 years old in a playful way, as has been happening at Cycle International School.

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