The reading of Fairy Tales and their importance

Reading is an excellent activity that expands knowledge and stimulates the creativity of the childs. Books can present universes rich in detail and stories that can catch the attention of childrens. Fairy Tales are classic stories that stir the imagination and the curiosity. They may have important aspects for the training of childrens. In some cases, these stories present twists and turns.

The childhood education is a the primary means for children to have contact with Fairy Tales. At Cycle International School children have reading wheels, where some stories are presented. These activities happen from the nursery and also extend to other classes.

Presentation of the Fairy Tale

The first contact of children with reading is by half storytelling that happens at school. At that moment the taste for reading is stimulated in the childs. Fairy Tales are good options for this phase, as they bring stories of esay assimilation, which work the imagination through magical worlds, for example.

Fairy Tales are great allies to captivate and stimulate reading in the childs. They are stories that manage to work os aspects such as morality and creativity. In some cases, these fantastic stories were created years ago, coming from European and even Asian folklore. But they have something in common: the crossing of principles they can pass on to children.

The reading of Pinocchio, for example, can be stimulated by the teacher in order to pass values. One of them is not lying to the country. This is just one example of how Fairy Tales can aid in childhood education.
In the kindergarten the techers is a reference during reading, because it is he who will present this literate world to the children.

For specialists, the role of the teacher is essential to give life to the Faity Tales, making the reading of the text more pleasant and instilling the curiosity of the childs through the stories.

The Fairy Tales are also great for reading at home both parents and childs.

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