Brazil invests in technology in education

The technology has been used in Brazil by private schools to enhance teaching. Tablets, computers and enrich knowledge and serve as a research resource for childrens. The Exame Magazine highllighted the partnership between Google and the Cycle International School, where childrens have a digital tools that enhance their learning. Read the full article here.

How is the technology in the classroom changing schools

The childs life in classroom is fundamental to their growth and formation. The advandement of technology, new methods of teaching are being devised for students, with a view to capturing the attention of childrens. Despite being a new teaching method, childrens are already familiar with the use a technology, since the current generation was born […]

Technology helps in the literacy process

Technology is part of our daily leves. Childs already grow up in ambiences with access to tablets and smartphones, devices that they handle with incredible ease. Because of the evolution of technology, school are adapting to this new reality. For this they are bringing technology into classrooms. At Cycle International School, childrens already have digital […]