Games can help in the development of childrens

Childhood is a the most important phases of our lives, a time of discovery and a lot of fun. Playing is fundamental to child psychomotor development. Some games are now being replaced by digital games, but such a trade is not always beneficial to children. Playing in freedom did the child of familiarize of way […]

Know the six benefits of musicalization for childrens

The music is part of our daily . Ever imagined the great classics of cinema without their soundtracks? Musicalization plays a fundamental in the development of childrens in childhood, it brings closer together and also helps in literacy. In the Cycle International School the musici is part of the curriculum, classes are taught by teacher […]

Know are the benefits of math for childrens

The math is fundamental to our life. This exact science permeates everything around us. We actively use it in our daily lives. Because it so important, this matter must be taught in the right way. It’s base begins in the infantile education, where the students have the first contact with the mathematics. At Cycle School, […]

Know the 5 benefits of bilingualism for childrens

The biligualism in the childhood can bring various benefits for childrens, the main one of which is related to pronunciation and fluency. At Cycle International School students learn the second language in a natural and playful way. Further to the benefit directly related to communication, bilingualism has several advantages for children. We prepared a list […]

Know the benefits of judo for childrens

Child sedentatism has worried experts around the country, as it can bring several harms to the childrens. The sport practice during childhood contributes to the motor development of the young. At Cycle International School, further to physical education classes, students also have some sports in their extracurricular classes. Judo is the one. The japanese martial […]