Games can help in the development of childrens

Childhood is a the most important phases of our lives, a time of discovery and a lot of fun. Playing is fundamental to child psychomotor development. Some games are now being replaced by digital games, but such a trade is not always beneficial to children.

Playing in freedom did the child of familiarize of way more fast with the world that around us. The benefits of games is very much. Between relations of child obesity can evitated when the childs moving during the activities and games.

The playful activites can realizes with the family for strenghten the brotherhood. Separated some games can organizes into or out house.

·         Ciranda: a classic game, but can develop the creativty the childs. Easier execution, ciranda can play in the house or apartment, for this the childres must realizes a cycle and sing the verses of famous song.

·         Blind man’s buff: this game can realizes of simple way. For this enough bandage the eyes of one player what try find the others. With the bandage eyes, the childs can stimulate the others senses to try find the friends, between the smell and audition, for example.

·         Hide-and-seek: the most popular game of Brazil and simple to play. One player close eyes, count to ten while the others hides. Hide-and-seek help to develop the motor coordination of childrens.

·         Hopscotch: drawing the hopscotch on the ground can stimulate the creativity of the childs. The numbers used in the game can be changed by letters, for example. Balance and spatial notion are also worked on during play.

·         Soap bubble: the childrens will be delighted with the bubbles formed during the game. Simple to be carried out and guaranteeing a lot of fun soap bubbles can develop creativity.

Some of these games can be done with the help of the country and the people in charge. Playing is one of the educational pillars here at Cycle. Playfulness is present at various times and can facilitate the learning of childrens. Allied with the musicalization of childrens, play enhances learning, making it also more natural for the childs.

Cycle International School also has extra curricular classes for development psychomotor of childrens, for example, ballet, judô, circus arts, tennis, musicalization anf theater. To know more about the kindergarten schedule a visit.

Know the six benefits of musicalization for childrens

The music is part of our daily . Ever imagined the great classics of cinema without their soundtracks? Musicalization plays a fundamental in the development of childrens in childhood, it brings closer together and also helps in literacy.

In the Cycle International School the musici is part of the curriculum, classes are taught by teacher Junior Cunha specializing in childrens musicalization.

Know the six main benefits Cycle musicalization brings to your students:

1.       Develop language: by listening and singing a song, children keep sentences and new words in their heads. During the literacy phase this discipline helps the formation of vocabulary and also improves the diction of words. Musicalization also contributes to the learning of the second language, which can be presented in song forms and rhymes.

2.       Improve body expression: when listening to a song it is normal for our body to be stimulated to follow this rhythm, be it clapping or even dancing. Musicalization can make childrens more opens to express their feelings when
they reach adulthood.

3.       Helps concetration and focus: to sing in a group or even play instruments is necessary to pay attention to the rhythm and melody of the song.

4.       Facilitates the learning of mathematics: music is directly linked to mathematics. It seems unusual at first, but the timing is present in music, as well as logical resoning.

5.       Contribute to memory: According to a survey conducted by the University of Northwestern in USA, elements such as timbre, tone and time, present in music help memorize childrens.

Creativity: when they come into a contact with music, the childs are invited to create songs and new rhymes that are sing in the classroom.

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Know are the benefits of math for childrens

The math is fundamental to our life. This exact science permeates everything around us. We actively use it in our daily lives. Because it so important, this matter must be taught in the right way. It’s base begins in the infantile education, where the students have the first contact with the mathematics.

At Cycle School, the subject is taught in a playful way, through games that can present in a natural way mathematical and logical concepts. When learned correctly it brings a lot of benefits to students:

·         Help in concentration: to understand the basic concepts of this subject is necessary to stay focused on the lesson and dedicate. Mathematics can develop various cognitive abilities and a the main is linked to the concetration of childrens.

·         Responsibility: basic activity daily such as buying a bread at the bakery or na ice cream bring responsibility to the children who need to check the change when buying products.

·         Helps to strengthen bonds: students can receive help from their families for problem solving and accounts that are passed as homework. Matters unite families and strengthen friendship.

Math for childrens in childhood can be taught as an instrument to better understand the world that fences, and to prepare students for the challenges they will encouter in adult life. In children education a of the main precepts of mathematics is the construction of space and form.

During childhood education students create the mathematical pillars that are central to their academic life. Therefore, this matter is of the utmost importance. At Cycle International School childrens learn math is a playful way throught games.

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Know the 5 benefits of bilingualism for childrens

The biligualism in the childhood can bring various benefits for childrens, the main one of which is related to pronunciation and fluency. At Cycle International School students learn the second language in a natural and playful way.

Further to the benefit directly related to communication, bilingualism has several advantages for children. We prepared a list with five of them:

1.       Increased metalinguistic ability – Learning a second language develops various cognitive abilities. Thus, childs can perceive grammatical and sentence errors more quicky. Bilingual students also have more attention.

2.       Cultural access – Bilingual students also have contact with the culture of countries speaking english. Access to different cultures is enriching for learning and all the life.

3.       Improves the communication – Childrens who have contact with a second language during childhood can express their ideas more clearly.

4.       Improves pronunciation – The facial muscles responsible for speech develop during childhood. Therefore, childrens learning english have better pronunciation of words. Fluency is also perceived in bilingual students.

5.       Better opportunities – Bilingual students may have several job opportunities in the future, mainly because they have a knowledge that is nowdays indispensable for several areas of activity.

The Cycle International School is a private school in Santo André. In it the students have contact with the second language from the first years of life. With the differentiated methodology, the bilingual school is focused on learning from experience.

Know the benefits of judo for childrens

Child sedentatism has worried experts around the country, as it can bring several harms to the childrens. The sport practice during childhood contributes to the motor development of the young. At Cycle International School, further to physical education classes, students also have some sports in their extracurricular classes. Judo is the one.

The japanese martial art was created in 1882 and its main precept is to use the strength of his opponent against himself. Judo is free translation means “soft way” martial art is based on respect and discipline being recommend for children from two years old.

One on the main benefits of judo is related to the discipline employed during the performance of the sport. The judokas must first learn to respect the rules. Moral concepts that are lifelong are also learned during martial art, such as humility, perseverance, cooperation, respect and composure.

Judo classes at bilingual school Cycle also bring physical benefits to children, such as flexibility and improvements in motor coordination. The speed of the sport also helps in stimulating the tactical thinking of students, causing them to take mea sures faster in certain situations.

The physical activities are part of the curriculum of the kindergarten where childs can learn various sports besides judo. Tennis, soccer and circus classes are offered by the school. Learn more about teaching methodology by scheduling a visit to Cycle International School.